Six Tips for Designing Your Dream Cottage Home

Let’s play a game. Imagine you have an unlimited budget to create your dream cottage home look. Sounds expensive right? 

We have good news. Our interior design services are super affordable and we can happily walk you through the Dutchman’s process to make it easier than ever. We can focus on designing one room at a time or your entire home - our experts are standing by to help!

Our Process

It all begins with something we like to call “fresh eyes.” Our designers are professionally trained to walk into a space and view a project from a completely different point of view. It’s the ability to imagine what the space could look like from start to finish.

No matter how big or small the job, our goal is to rearrange your space with layers that will update a dated look. Freshen up your look with easy fixes like updating a rug or picking out new paint colors. Still not satisfied? We’re happy to suggest a new piece of custom made furniture and change out your home decor. 

Six Tips to Make Any House a Dream Home

  1. Splurge on one piece you’ve had your eye on. It will likely be easier than you think to choose the star of your show and make that piece or area the focal point of your space. Browse our selection of handmade wooden furniture to get your juices flowing. 
  2. Tie the room together with durable and long lasting rugs. Once you’ve selected your dream focal piece pick a rug to compliment the space and pull the overall design of the room together. Our colorful selection of rugs are sure to catch your eye. 
  3. Create the perfect mood with lighting. Overhead chandeliers are statement pieces in your home. We have so many lighting styles to choose from, including traditional, bohemian and farmhouse chic. After choosing which style matches your ideal look, layer additional lighting with table lamps and other ambient lighting.
  4. Unique home decor is key when rearranging or redesigning your space. Place your pillows and decor in odd numbers; threes and fives are more pleasing to the eye than even numbers. It’s science!
  5. Don’t forget the art!  Create a soothing atmosphere to admire while entertaining friends and family. Hang pictures and artwork so they’re within anyone’s sight line. (Hint: the average human eye level is 57 inches!).
  6. Let open space work for your home’s design. Stay away from overcrowding a room with too many pieces. 

Anyone can decorate their dream home by using the six steps above. Or if you still want a professional eye, contact us for a little nudge in the right direction.