Simple Touches to Create Cohesive Design in a Cottage Home

Written by Stephanie Nieuwendijk


Posted on October 03 2019

Our client recently reached out to our interior design team for advice on how to transform her quaint, country cottage. She complained of having mismatched furniture and wanted a more cohesive solution. Challenge accepted! Here's the scoop on how to make quick and easy changes to make your cottage feel less like a dorm and more like home.

1. For a more relaxing atmosphere, add a neutral slipcover to a bright colored sofa.


2. Next, a few fluffy pillows and a comfortable ottoman to rest a sweet tea tray or tired legs!



3. Have fun with patterns but don’t go overboard or a dizzying effect may ensue. Neutrals allow you to throw bright pillows and flowers to accent your home all around for a clean feel.


4. Remove the clutter around doors and open them wide to create an illusion of a bigger and warmer space.


5. Add colorful patio furniture to complement all that nature has to offer. You’ll want to light some Spice Island candles, grab a nice bottle of wine, and take in the outdoor scenery for an enchanting nightcap!



6. Southern Belles love to accessorize. Showcase your kitchen finds with an two-door cottage cabinet, it's the perfect solution to adding stylish storage.


7. Don't forget to include a fun, colorful rug to instantly liven up a dining area. Choose bright accents and fresh flowers for finishing touches.



8. Pair distressed furniture with a handmade quilt for an authentic southern feel. The sleeping quarters for your cottage should be a comfortable oasis so layer on the pillows!


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