Dutchmans Holiday Gift Guide - Best presents for 2019!

The holiday season is in full swing and that’s why we’ve made it easy to shop with the Dutchmans Holiday Gift Guide! Taking time off of work, traveling and holiday gifts can take a hit on your wallet. More reason to find presents that will impress but won’t completely break the bank. We’ve compiled a list of holiday gifts that will make the impossible to shop for family member or friend gleam with excitement. Enjoy the stylish and thoughtfully curated home gifts to give during the 2019 holiday season!


Bohemian Diamond Throw Pillow: $70.00

Imagine coming home and laying your head on a fuzzy, soft pillow while decompressing from a long day at the office. Give a holiday gift to snuggle with or a place to sit still and meditate with these stylish floor throw pillows!


Hand-Woven Moroccan Harvest Basket: $64.00


Who doesn’t need more cute storage options? This exquisite and perfectly bohemian basket woven by skilled artists has easy carry handles for your convenience. The large design can hold plenty of items including blankets, pillows, yoga mats or even plants.


Foraged Flora Book: $40.00


Plants are all the rage right now. This beautiful Foraged Flora coffee table book by Louesa Roebuck and Sarah Lonsdale includes stunning photography, organized by month each chapter visually arresting and inspiring focusing on, you guessed it, flowers and plants.


Mudcloth Throw Blanket: $95.00

This unique Mudcloth throw blanket is the perfect gift to cuddle up with or make a fashion statement on a couch or bed. The gorgeous print is simple and modern, making it perfect for any household!


Sage Mirror: $198.00


Look no further - we found the perfect gift for a small space! A very big pun intended, our gold circular Sage Mirror is a must for opening up a smaller space, giving a glimpse of a reflection, and bouncing light throughout a room for a brighter feel.


White Bone Photo Frame: $28.00


A picture is worth a thousand words and it’s something very rare these days to have an actual printed photo in your home. Go ahead and order your most liked Instagram or Facebook photo with your best mate and slide it inside of the two layers of this decorative bone and wooden picture frame.


Loren Rug: Starting at $95.00


This is the perfect holiday gift for a friend or for yourself! The timeless and classic Loren Rug is perfect with its neutral color pattern and vintage hand-knotted look at an amazingly affordable price! Created in Turkey, using the most advanced rug-making technology, this rug is something to make them swoon! 


Spice Island Gift Bag: $17.00


Fill their home with a fusion of cloves, cinnamon and spiced oranges. Perfect for the holidays, this is a great gift for a loved one! Our Spice Island gift bags come with a square Spice Island votive candle, a glass votive candle holder & Spice Island potpourri.


Embossed Ceramic Table Lamp: $190.00


Light up their life and make a statement with this Embossed Ceramic Table Lamp! The unique embossed ceramic base is the perfect gift for someone with style. This modern boho look is perfect for any room which makes it a unique holiday gift to be envied by all.