Design Rooms to Last with Tips from our Interior Designers

The Dutchmans Designs interior design and commercial design team can help you design rooms to last a decade and not just for the latest trend. Simple touches help to liven up a room and make it feel brand new. Below are a few tips on how decor and fabric changes can help update your home in a way you won't need to redecorate for another ten years!


We believe in the little investments - plants, new paint, floor pillows, lamps, and rugs in colors like spring green, brilliant blue or soft grays to alleviate the stress of a long day. Remember there are no set-in-stone rules and but there's no going wrong with a head-to-toe Dutchmans home.





Pair cow prints with neutrals and florals with stripes. We know that a statement piece speaks volumes and think some things are non-negotiable, there should be that one piece your eye is drawn to when you first enter the room, it's the anchor from which everything else compliments it. Mixing fabrics doesn't come easy to everyone so let us be your official nudge to try something new.




Our interior design and commercial design services are here to help inspire you. Contact us today to book your free consultation!